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OSLOSOLAR folds out to harvest energy from the sun. The roof is tilted 40 degrees, facing south and reaches above the shadow of Oslo Plaza. The southwest and southeast facades have solar panels angled to harvest morning and afternoon sun. Facing north a green lung provides the offices with conditioned and fresh air.

The atrium lets daylight into the offices and makes it possible to connect with the city and to get a sense of time and weather conditions from all parts of the offices. The building changes the city floor from being dominated by cars to becoming a universal designed shared space that promotes alertness, safety and movement by foot and on bike.

The footprint of the building is an airy urban lobby with integrated bike facilities, art space, a prominent office entrance and various small retail programs organized to feed the park with atmosphere and activity. OSLOSOLAR is a collaboration between Code :architecture, Rambøll and IFE, Institute of Energy Technology.



Code: 482LIL
Project: Offices and retail
Client: Entra eiendom
Programme: Commercial building
Location: Oslo (NO)
Status: Open competition, 1st prize
Period: 2015 -