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The aim of the planning work has been to define and visualize the area plan
utviklingsmulighter against plan for the Sydhavna. In light of this,
facilitate Grønlikaia for urban development with a focus on critical discussion of
land use.

The starting point has been to facilitate positive interaction between
Grønlikaia , as residential and commercial area and buffer zone as urban
park and recreation area.
Through this, to secure ​​an overall site plan that manages to balance
urban qualities of local properties for project development
with emphasis on the Sydhavna plan.

The area represents the Fjord City's southern boundary with a total area of almost
40 acres. A south-facing position in direct
connection with the fjord and Ekebergåsen. The proposed plan facilitates
the site for urban development through adjusting  heights, land use and
distribution of the program, with emphasis on compact building zones and continuous
park areas.

The site is composed of three sub- areas:
1 An industrial area along the street to the east Grønli
2 Residential area to the seascape and Grønli pier in the west.
3 Park between residential and commercial area.

The project was a collaboration with Cowi Landskap AS and Sweco Norge AS.

Housing by the fjord

Code: 381GRØ
Project: Housing
Client: HAV Eiendom AS
Location: Grønlikaia, Oslo (NO)
Period: 2012
Collaboration: Cowi Landskap AS and Sweco Norge AS