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The office is currently working on a Culture Center situated nearby Peterson Paper Factory and just beside Konventionsgården in Moss. The building is modestly placed in the topography with a terraced structure, maintaining the sightlines. The entrance is connected at the lower level to the urban situation of Konventionsgården, maybe the city's most important historical building, while it opens up to the river on the upper level. The terraces are connected to the surrounding terrain with free access and crosspoints.

The Moss Cultural Center will contain the new Children's Peace Center. The Peace Center will be a center for children and young people's commitment to peace and ecological co-existence through exhibitions, installations and targeted activities where international cooperation with humanitarian organizations are central. 

The new building is planned in both contextual and historical relation to "Konventionsgården" in Moss, where the Moss Convention was signed on August 14th 1814. This convention was an agreement between Norway and Sweden that put a stop to the war between neighboring countries that had started fourteen days earlier. The new construction of over 4500 square meters, will house the Children's Peace world. An experience of peace, where children learn through play and will be engaged in conflict resolution, from the playground to the international perspective.

The Children's Peace Center Komittee have now applied the UN for financial support.

Follow the development of the project on our website.

The building is modestly placed in the topography maintaining the sightlines

Code: 393KUL
Project: Cultural Center
Client: Høeg eiendom
Location: Moss (NO)
Size: 4500 m2
Status: Preliminary