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After a period of testing different conseptual and typological strategies of the housing project close to Ullevaal Hospital (Oslo, NO), we have landed on the development of a residential tower building.

The tower continues the existing typological structure in the area, yet responds to the site and surrounding vegetation. The building consists of 30 family apartments ranging from 65-100 square metres. Each apartment opens up towards the corners of the building and the differentiated orientation of the apartments dissolves the strict shape of the building. The varied placement and direction of the balconies create a different vertical situations amidst the canopy on the site.

Each floor consists of equal plans, but they are rotated in different positions creating a variation and irregularity in the facade. The building is clad in wood creating a massive expression in contrast to the open, irregular corners. 

The interior becomes a part of the facade

Code: 405NEU
Project: Housing
Client: Solon eiendom as
Location: Ullevaal, Oslo (NO)
Size: 3200 m2
Type: Commission
Status: In process