HomeCode: architecture


The theme of the project is a building consisting of a distinctly unifying shape. Like the motto "+" suggests, the cross could be a rallying point, a marking of a place, a suggestion of importance. The cross streches towards east, west, north and south, and lets the cardinal points converge with the great surrounding landscape. It conveys the typical directions of the Norwegian fjord landscape; from sea to mountain in the one direction, the length of the coastline the other.

The building has a small footprint and barely touches the ground. Like a storehouse on pillars making extra effort of a hard-earned spot with a precious foundation, the building lifts itself over the rough terrain. The art of Bård Breivik in the area consists of independent, geometrical shapes of rock, each finding their own place in the landscape. The building enters the landscape the same way: as an independent figure of stone.
The placement of the building connects the parking lot and the park. The entrance is easily available by wheelchair from the parking lot, and by stairs from the park. The cross contains five chambers: four wings and one central space. Each chamber can be included in a connected open shape, or can be separated by sliding walls. Along with the countermure curtains, the sliding walls create different possibilities of use for the exhibition room. The countermure curtains can be opened or closed towards nature in different occasions. The shape of the chambers, the gliding walls and curtains makes it possible to have different arrangements simultaneously.
The building has a concrete facade and wood interior. The interior wood is solid boards, knot free, smooth edge, treated with lye and oil so the yellow wood yields for the gray and white. The surface on the floor, walls, and ceiling are the same. The curtains are decorative elements in naturally coloured wool.

The cross could be a rallying point, a marking of a place, suggesting that something important found place here

Code: 391GUL
Project: Tusenårsstaden Gulating Visitor Center
Motto: +
Commission: Open competition
Client: Sogn og Fjordane fylkeskommune
Location: Gule, Sogn og Fjordane (NO)
Period: 2011
Status: Competition entry, 2nd price winner