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The ambition formulated in the brief was to upgrade the area, mainly by replacing existing housing in need of renewal with new houses primarily for families.

Our answer was to create a typology that offered a new kind of space, one that could be used for different purposes. This new space is both garden and a part of the house. The space is a “veksthus” - a greenhouse: a space for growth. This growth could be of trees, family, personality, activity, expression etc.
All houses are constructed with elements of massive wood. The way they are linked together, the orientation of the glass-areas towards south, the use of a greenhouse in front of the larger areas of glass, all these elements together are contributing in reducing the loss of heat and energy consumption. The houses are in terms of energy passive houses.


Our answer was to create a housing typology that offered a new kind of space

Project: Housing area
Programme: New family houses, 10 000 m2
Type: Invited competition
Client: The municipality of Stavanger
Location: Storhaug, Stavanger (NO)
Period: 2009
Status: Competition entry