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The proposed building resembles a sieidi, a distinct stone with spiritual powers, giving expression to the theatre as an important “spiritual” contributor in the shaping of the modern sami culture. A very special green stone found in the area is used as cladding to further strengthen the expression. The relation between the building and the landscape is the one of the sami culture and nature: the building is in nature but at the same time distinct as culture. The building also uses the traditional sami understanding of the necessity of building compact and “round” buildings to be able to hold the heat in the cold arctic winter.

Download pdf to get further project info in Norwegian and Sami.


The project is a preliminary design in a process towards realisation of a new building for the Sami national theatre.

Code: 377BEA
Project: Sami National Theatre
Client: Beaivvas Sami Teahter
Landscape: Code
Location: Kautokeino (NO)
Size: 3 000 m2 br /> Period: 2009-
Status: Preliminary design