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Five dwellings climbing a slope of naked rock

To give both the project and each of the five dwellings an identity based on the place, the building relates to the distinct topography of the site, dominated by a slope of naked rock stretching south-north through the site. Each house, in general a row-house-type, is oriented towards the rock and making the rock in various sense a part of the living room by using terraces and large windows in the façade. Because the building follows the topography, each unit is different from the other. Each unit has its own part of the rock and its own way to approach the rock.

Volumetric studies concluded that a saddled roof both give useful space under the ceilings, and express the adaption of the terrain in the shaping of the houses.

The building relates to the distinct topography of the site

Code: 313BAK
Project: Semi detatched houses, five dwellings
Type: Commission
Client: Bakketoppen 14 AS
Location: Bakketoppen 14, Oslo
Size: 830 m2
Period: 2008
Status: Planning application