HomeCode: architecture

In this competition we were asked to suggest a structure for 200 appartments on a site next to Glomma. The largest river of Norway , and for this region what Donau is for central Europe. The site is also next to the centre of Årnes, not much more than a few shops alongside a road. The area is rural.

200 units on this site is based on an idea that given the proximity to the centre, apartment buildings up to 5 stories and a “urban” density is appropriate.

An urban density on this specific site seems misplaced. Can the required density be given a structure that is not urban, but benefits from the closeness of the river Glomma? The idea of having a garden facing Glomma seems hard to beat.

The aim of the project is to give all apartments a view overlooking Glomma. The 5 islands of 30-44 units each are terraced and positioned to create hills sloping down towards the river. The majority of apartments having terraces big as gardens within the green hills.

The space under the terracing floors is used for shared functions as guest apartments, gym, studios for rent, storage and parking.

The idea of having a garden facing Glomma seems hard to beat.

Code: 302RAU
Project: River housing
Programme: 200 dwellings
Type: Competition
Client: BORI
Location: Årnes (NO)
Period: 2007
Status: Competition entry