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The building is a rational and robust volume with an external gallery.

The gallery can function as an extension of the flats, as a communal space and as a part of the exterior.

The apartments are divided lengthways by a sliding wall. At one side the bedroom, bathroom, entry and storage, leaving a more flexible living area with open kitchen on the other.

The gallery serves as entrance to the dwellings, buffer toward the road as well as a space for social interaction.

Project: Youth housing
Programme: 12 dwellings
Type: Open competition, 1. Prize
Client: Nesodden kommune
Location: Kløverveien, Nesodden (NO)
Size: 700 m2
Budget: NOK 8 000 000 / 6 500 000 EUR
Period: 2001 - 2002
Status: Completed December 2002

Byggekunst (NO) 4/2003, Architectural Review (GB) 11/2003, Abstract 29 (BE)

Shortlisted for the Norwegian State Building Award , 2003