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Given a beautiful site consisting of natural rocks, tall pine trees and fragile vegetation we found it important to develop a concept that would leave the site as untouched as possible. The project had a small budget, and the client was going to do a lot of the building himself.

The client visited a scrapyard where he demounted an old steel crane. This recycled steel was used to construct the house in such a way that we could cantilever above the fragile nature, just touching the ground with a few steel coloums.

By using the recycled steel as main construction, it was possible to spend more of the budget on the glasswalls which bring the nature into the house.

Using recycled steel as main construction left more of the budget on the glasswalls which brings the nature into the house

Code: 298SON
Project: Villa
Programme: Private home for a small family
Type: Comission
Client: Jonnhy Lauritsen
Location: Son (NO)
Size: 250m2
Budget: 3.500 000
Period: 2007 - 2009
Status: Under construction