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Moving in the Air

The starting point was a small, steep lot in Oslo, uninhabitable but with a fantastic view. The house had to accommodate a young couple and their (eventually) two children.

The structure touches the landscape only minimally - the terrain passes through under the body of the building. A large, long and narrow horizontal surface with glass walls - a beam - is supported by a tower rising up from the landscape. A sizeable floor seemingly suspended in the air can be furnished and utilized according to need and preference. Inner walls can be set up and removed as necessary. The rooms are horizontal, but the wide sky vista and fjord landscape enhance the overall experience of the space.

The two forms - the beam and the tower - are precise and pronounced; drama is created by means of the contrast between building and landscape.

The strategy has been to use standard industrial components such as pre-cast concrete elements in floor slabs, steel columns in the tower construction, and sinus curved aluminum sheets as cladding material. The materials require minimal upkeep.

The structure touches the landscape only minimally

Code: 131OPS
Programme: Villa
Type: Commission
Client: Witheld
Location: Oslo (NO)
Size: 300 m2
Budget: Witheld
Period: 2000 - 2005
Status: Completed 10/2005

Dagens Næringsliv (NO) 07 12 2004, New Scandinavian Room (NO) 02/05, Blueprint (GB )11/05, Wallpaper (GB) 87/06

Shortlisted for the Forum prize 2005 (Building of the year Scandinavia), Shortlisted for the Oslo city architecture award 2006