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The site is next to a natural wetland landscape on the Snarøya island in the Oslo fjord. The concrete and wood structure could not be more than one floor above the ground since authorities would not permit an imposing structure obstructing the views of several neighbours in the near vicinity. The structure also had to be able to withstand a spring tide of as much as 2 meters. This challenge was solved by constructing a lower floor in waterproof concrete. The surrounding landscape then was slightly manipulated to open up for glass panels flooding the lower floor with natural light.

The volume opens up toward the wetlands, to make it a part of the interior

Code: 131OPS
Programme: Villa
Type: Commission
Client: Witheld
Location: Snarøya, Bærum (NO)
Size: 400 m2
Budget: Witheld
Period: 2003 - 2005
Status: Completed 06_2005

Dagens Næringsliv (NO) 07 12 2004,
Wallpaper (GB) 87/06