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CODE was asked to design and build a sami arrangement at the Rådhustorget in Umeå for the opening weekend of Umeå2014 -  the European Capital of Culture.  


The theme for the design was ''The soft luxury of Sapmi'' and consisted of

- an expanse of snow covering the square

- three fireplaces composed by two 'loaidu' encircling ' 'arran' and 'boassu'

- a circle of 400 'sarvhorn' - reindeer antlers - as an image of a saivo herd 


The three lounges invited the visitors to sit on reindeer skins on a bed of fir branches and sense the steam and the scent of cooked reindeer meat and marrowbone.

Four of the architects from CODE participated in the construction and assembly of the installations.


Ecology and recycling was principal themes of the design ; the installations will not leave behind any footprint and can be brought to other locations for reuse.



The Comfort of Cold

Code: 448UME
Location: Rådhustorget, Umeå (SE)
Project: Sami arrangement 
Programme: Fireplace lounges, installation
Type: Commission
Client: Umeå2014 
Period: 31.01 - 02.02. 2014