HomeCode: architecture

This housing tower is situated in the historical surroundings of Mølleparken along the river Akerselva in Oslo.

The new programme is gathered in a tower that is positioned to minimize the intervention of the existing buildings and activities on the site and to ensure the visibility of the historical context . The tower enables use of the existing roof top surfaces for outdoor spaces and park areas.

The main argument for the choise of the concept is the need for new urban housing and a quest for typologies that are capable to accommodate the demand for a high number of dwellings, high quality of housing and outdoor spaces, respect for the historical context and a desire for new community arenas.

Two distinct features of the building mark a new typology : The use of existing buildings as an urban landscape and the public features.

Existing structures are transformed into an urban landscape that is exploited, processed and given new significance. New outdoor spaces that earlier have been inaccessible are made available. This park connects the lower and the upper side of the site by ramps that merges with the city`s web of connections.

A shared space in the tower connects the different levels of the park area. The upper floor of the shared space contains a three departement- kindergarten. The remaining areas may conceivably be used as restaurant, laundromat, library-café, lobby etc.



A new typology in the urban landscape

Code: 458MØL
Project: Housing
Type: Commission
Client: Søylen Sagveien AS
Location: Mølleparken, Oslo (NO)
Size: 9400m2 
Period: 2013-
Status: In process