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The plan proposal situated in the Lanes Cente -Tromsø, includes a reregulation of the landuse from industrial- and stocking use to housing, shopping, offices and recreation. The plan suggests to replace an excisting stock building with three new buildings and to renew the facades of the existing building.  

The architecture of the buildings has a local foundation and reflects the qualities of the site and the surrounding landscape and aims to be an enriching element to the city of Tromsø. The recreational areas of the site will also be a social meeting place for both children and adults.

The architecture has a local foundation and reflects the site

Code: 447LAN
Project: Housing, offices, commercial facilities, park
Client: Berg Eiendomsutvikling AS
Location: Lanes, Tromsø (NO)
Period: 2013 -
Site: 19.2 daa
Housing: 60 units
Size: 25 700 m2

Code proposal for Lanes