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A central theme has been to define the relationship between renewal and preservation of the area's built and unbuilt spaces. In this approach the landscape's structural conditions sets the criteria for the area's land development, density, feature classification and infrastructure solutions. This has resulted in a planning strategy that projects the area in three defined stages and the construction zones overall, possesses the capacity to maintain house building for the entire scenario. This provides a comprehensive plan with the flexibility to accommodate future political and market adjustments, without loosing the bearing landscape qualities.

The plan proposal's main idea is to qualify the area's biological and natural ecological systems as supporting and defining references for local development

Code: 438HAU
Project: Urban landscape development
Client: Municipality of Bergen
Location: Haukaas, Bergen (NO)
Period: 2012
Site: 5200 daa
Unbuilt areas: 2600 daa
Built areas: 2600 daa
Housing: 10 000 units
Commercial/Culture: 1 000 000 m2