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The proposal for the Nordic Built Competition, emphasizes Postgirobygget's established identity by understanding the addition as clearly added elements made to improve the building, both when it comes to performance and environment. At the same time the design aims to communicate an idea of a future that is inviting, connecting, sustainable and inspiring.


The proposal is organized in four steps:
1. Restoration: To “renew” the Postgirobygget back to its proud origin by closing the cut introduced 10 years ago, allowing a more efficient organisation of the floorplans.

2. The Biotechnical Screen: To add a facade that produce energy that together with upgradings in the rest of the façade makes the building highly environmental friendly.

3. The Connector: To add an element that improves the performability of the building by connecting the different floors with each other and with the city, allowing a more differentiated and efficient use of each m2 of the building and maing it “public”.

4. Transparency: To open the lowest 3 floors for retail giving it transparency to to make the trains visible from Schweigaardsgate.

The circle of consumption and production as local and as visible as possible

Code: 441POS
Motto: Add14
Programme: Offices and shopping
Type: Competition entry
Location: Oslo (NO)
Size: 5000 m2
Period: 2013