HomeCode: architecture

The two villas are situated in a calm residential area at Bekkestua in Bærum. 

The two houses define access on one side and garden on the other. The accesses are articulated by ''carving'' out a niche for the garage and the front door. On the garden side a larger niche is created where the living rooms and the out door areas meet. A double -high room binds the two groundfloors together. The two houses are similar as architecture, but adjusted in terms of its position at the site and in the landscape. 

The houses are situated in the transition between the existing courtyard and the garden and define a clear distinction between the two sides. The courtyard is intended as small and defined as possible to enable a larger garden zone towards south and west. 


The houses define a clear distinction in the transition between the courtyard and the garden

Code: 440HHV
Project: Housing
Programme: Two villas
Type: Commission
Client: Stenprosjekt AS
Location: Bekkestua, Bærum (NO)
Size: 600 m2
Period: 2012 -
Status: In process